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Where did I get these connectors?

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  • Where did I get these connectors?

    So... I'm in the process of removing my JB4 and JB4 port injection controller and replacing with a Reflex Plus. That said, it was a small mess of wiring to remove, and while I was doing it I disconnected a connector that led up from under my DME box and connected to it's mate that then attached to the JB4 port injection controller and a ground as well.

    The issue is (as I work to rewire to the Reflex Plus) I'm trying to determine how to trigger the secondary fuel pump, and all of the instructions I've located for the things I've installed in the past don't appear to show the connector from my fuel pump or the mate that is attached to the JB4 port injection controller.

    I did this work myself several years ago and so I thought I'd reach out to see if maybe I got fancy and bought sweet connectors versus just using directly connecting the wires. I've attached photos of the connector coming up next to the DME box that I believe are coming from the secondary pump as well as the connector it was plugged into that is wired into the JB4 port injection controller.

    If anyone thinks they know, please enlighten me. Thanks in advance!
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    Deutsch dtm 2 pin. Ebay/Amazon/local car part store.
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