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E9x windows/sunroof slightly close when arming/locking alarm???

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  • E9x windows/sunroof slightly close when arming/locking alarm???

    Hello, I have a 2012, E92 335i w/ N55 auto.

    I recently developed an issue. It's not critical, just concerning. When I arm my factory alarm via fob or comfort access touch, the windows and sunroof roll up/close a little; maybe 1/2". If I then unlock then lock again, they'll go up/close another 1/2" and so on and so on. The comfort access 'close/open all' function still works normally if I press/touch and hold. This 'bug' only came to my attention recently as the weather up here is finally getting hotter and I like to keep my windows cracked a little at work so I don't come out to a 130* black leather oven. When I left them cracked for this reason lately, I've come out of work only to find my windows are closed. I've scoured my Carly app thinking I my need to reset or turn off some feature but I don't even know what I'd call this.

    Has anyone else had or heard of this?