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Bake caliper guide pin stuck in caliper, looking for help/ideas to remove

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  • Bake caliper guide pin stuck in caliper, looking for help/ideas to remove

    I was doing a total overhaul/service on my brake calipers (removed them from the car, cleaned them inside and out and was replacing all hardware and servicing the pistons) and one of the guide pins started to come out and then just stopped and refused to move further. The bolt got stripped from me trying to move it, I tried using my bolt extractor bits, it broke the tips off of them. I then dremeled some notches in the screw head, that didn’t work. Finally I put the piston in my drill press and drilled out the screw, which worked…in a way.

    Now I have a hallowed core of a screw stuck in my piston. I went out, got new screw extractor bits and once again, it broke off the tip and now I have the extractor head stuck inside the hallowed screw core and I’m out of ideas how to remove it. I have attached a picture so you get an idea what I’m up against but any help would be appreciated.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	E085F9BE-78FF-436F-88F3-652CC43BDEAE copy.jpg Views:	0 Size:	946.8 KB ID:	813012
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