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    I've only been out logging on private roads and comparing what I can get the car to do on the digital gauge performance timer. Basically playing with map 6 on the JB4 to find a balance of power and working out the kinks with the TCM limiting power on shifts.

    Dropped my boy off at Muay Thai class, decided since I had 45 mins to burn that I'd go for a drive through town. Sure enough a guy in a MB AMG C43 rolls up crackling, popping and sounding fantastic. He then downshifts beside me, of course I had drop a few gears and mash the gas, not often I get solo drives with two empty car seats in the back of the caddy. All in fun with a few rolling WOT pulls, get into a section with a few consecutive lights, I'm behind a car and we both are thinking the same thing, slowing down and keeping pace. The stars align and the car infront of me blows through a red and we line up. Open up the passenger window and have a quick chat about each other's cars and agree to go on red. Click that "V" button, pah pah pah light goes green and easily leave him a car's gap behind and continue pulling away until the next light. Another quick chat and compliments and we both part ways.

    Just having the JB4 beta and a couple panel filters, glad the caddy and JB4 got along and didn't let me down when it mattered ahah. Cant wait to see what terry can get done with the JB4 on this platform.

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    In there popping and sounding fantastic.
    Stay happy always.