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MHD Back end flash HELP

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  • MHD Back end flash HELP

    Hello, I'm having problems getting the back end flash to work. I have Jb4/Xhp installed

    Where I'm at:

    1. I have disabled the JB4 & unplugged. Super license key accepted.
    2. Signed in to the MHD ENET DB1c network, put in the IP address, made sure it was accepted by ios in local network.
    2. Using the universal adapter, established connection, read codes, etc.
    3. THEN when I go to TUNE, I tap 'Flash a backend map"

    when I do this it goes to a screen with a open file icon with c28ace, etc, etc numbers and letters.
    underneath that is another file icon (closed) that says DATALOGGING
    and a third that says DEBUGGING

    When I tap the first file icon, that looks open, I get APPLICATION, tap that I get DATA, tap that and I get CONTAINERS, tap that I get MOBILE, tap that and I get VAR, tap that and I get open file icon with back slash.

    Tap that and nothing happens ???
    Blank screen with back arrow and SELECT A TUNE FILE at the top.

    I contacted MHD and they said JB4 must be in 'flash mode' I'm not sure what that means/entails. And I should contact BMS.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Never mind, I figured it out. Nowhere did it say I needed to download unzip, then go back and download a file, unzip it, move it to MHD app, then open MHD app and load files.

    So the instructions suck. I had root around the internet to find this out. Sorry, but I think for $565. I should get the damn files loaded already. Or at least better instructions.

    Of course now that it's all done, I have a drivetrain malfunction and it won't shift out of 4th gear. So the fun continues.....


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      For $565? The BMS flashes are free but you do have to purchase a flash license and download them to your flashing device to use them. There is no flash aren't flashing the JB4 and to flash the ECU, you have to disconnect the JB4 to get access to the OBDII port anyway.

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        The $565 was for the Super License. Like I said, this is all new to me. I 'presumed' when I purchased the license, it came with the BEF files. I'm still learning...