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XHP and JB4 map 2 cutting power when launching. Help

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  • XHP and JB4 map 2 cutting power when launching. Help

    I installed XHP stage 3 and I'm having issues launching the car. While using standard LC or brake boosting, if I let the car rev past about 2800 rpm before releasing the brake, the car leaps then quickly cuts power. I can see in the logs that the throttle is closing hard. Any help with settings? XhP is supposed to modify limiters so this doesn't happen. I've attached a map 2 and a map 0 for reference.
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    Any issues with launching prior to XHP?

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      There were no issues. If there was too much wheel spin when using regular launch control, you could feel TCS step in, but not completely close the throttle, it just had a slight hesitation. With XHP, if i go over the 2800rpm threshold, there is a higher chance of it completely "stalling" Ive read on here of one other owner with an LCI, having the same issue, but with no resolve. Talking to Terry, he thinks maybe there is an ECU boost override stepping in with the torque limiters removed from the TCU?