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2021 M340i first log, map1

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  • 2021 M340i first log, map1

    Hello. I have a couple WOT sections of this log. Wanted to make sure map1 looks ok enough to move up to map2. Running 93 octane fuel at the moment. Thanks for the help.
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    Here's a better log, full WOT through 3rd and into 4th gear. I also forgot to mention that the car has a high-flow catted dp installed. I'm just starting to read these logs and learn how to interpret the relationship between various variables. Seeing trims in the mid 20's to a max of 40 at WOT in 3rd gear, but afr showing as low as 12.5. Should this be cause for concern? I'm guessing this log looks pretty safe and will have to do a log at map2 to get a real sense as to whether or not it will be safe on this fuel, but I'm guessing it won't necessarily be safe because I interpret some of this log to be toward the limit of this fuel's capabilities.

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      I believe you are already working with Terry on this.

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