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    Hello JB4 community!

    Hope everyone is blessed and it continues.
    I am looking for someone to look into my logs for map2.

    2022 BMW 330i xDrive
    Reasonator delete
    JB4 with EWG connected
    * HiFlo Catted DP (to be installed)

    Multiple pulls done at 3rd Gear starting at 2900-3000 RPM

    Run1 (2nd Gear): Timestamp 40.25 to 84
    Run2 (3rd Gear) : Timestamp 682.25 to 735.25
    Run3 (3rd Gear): Timestamp 957 to 1019.5
    Run4 (3rd Gear): Timestamp 1286 to 1335.25

    Thanks in advance!

    Cheers ,
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    Set all your duty biases to 50 and do another log on map 1. Start logs at 2K rpms.

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