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2022 G70 goes into Limp mode on high throttle

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  • 2022 G70 goes into Limp mode on high throttle

    Does anyone familiar with the jb4 know why I keep getting safety code 5- fuel variance and my car goes into limp mode *every* time I floor it?
    Car: 2022 G70 3.3 advanced 3500 miles
    Mods: JB4 w/ EWG/fuel wire, BMS intakes, snorkels, oil catch, 1-step plugs, BOV.
    Map doesn't change the issue, have tried 91, 93, and e30 fuel.
    Not throwing any engine codes.
    With or without disabling safety systems (bit 4) enabled, it normally isn't disabled.
    I triple-checked the wiring, including taking off the fuel wires and ensuring it has metal-on-metal contact. They were pre-installed on the JB4 when I bought it. Bought the jb4 3 months ago new from BMS. I installed the waste gate harness last night, and it seemed to fix the issue for all of 1 day, and now it's doing it again. Going into limp every time I floor it, even if I start off at 40% throttle then floor it or from a standstill or anything. It's really annoying I can't get anywhere near the power I should be getting out of the car. Without it going into safe mode. Not sure if it's the car that's defective or the jb4 or what. I'm hoping it's a simple fix. Let me know what other details you may need.
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    I had a fuel trim variance issue when I first installed my JB4 as well. I sent it back to BMS and they found a jumper was left on the board that should of been removed.

    I'm not saying that's your issue, just sharing my experience with it.

    I would email the support staff at BMS. They were very helpful when I had the issue.


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      I had the same issue. In my case, the fuel wire and adapter weren't making good contact. I redid everything (positap and pushing all wires in on the fuel connectors) and that cleared it up.
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      Jb4 Map 6 with EWG & Fuel Wires
      DYI Intake (half BMS intake)
      BMS OCC
      TB Coolant Bypass
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        Last safety 5, fuel trim variance, is normally caused by a fuel wire not being properly attached. But can also be an exhaust or intake vacuum leak on one bank of the engine.
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          Doesn't default waste gate position need to be 0 instead of 50?