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    Hey guys,

    complete noob here. Never really done any tuning or anything until now. Got a 2019 G70 3.3T a couple weeks ago, then I gapped/replaced the sparkplugs myself and installed the JB4 without the fuel wires (waiting on the adapters, dont wanna pinch the original wires). I have a log here and I'm wondering if it could be analyzed at all. As stated previously, I've never really done anything on a car before so i'm a bit paranoid and wanna make sure I didn't do anything wrong.

    From what I originally understood, is to get a decent log you just had to go from around 20-80mph. So thats what I did here. Automatic, traction still on.

    I'm just on map 1 and tbh I plan on staying only on map 1 since we only get 91 octane fuel here.

    From what I'm now trying to understand, and understanding this is difficult, but I have to turn traction off, be in 3rd gear and just put the pedal to the metal (this is what WOT means?), and then shift into 4th gear to end the log?

    Any and all advice is appreciated.
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    Yes, pedal at 100% is WOT and unfortunately this log doesn't have enough 100%. I didn't see any issues though.