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  • Stinger Log Check

    Finally got things installed and running.
    Stinger 3.3
    afe intakes
    hks gapped .22
    93 octane


    P21_M0_R4_220906_2039 MP1.csv
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    You had 3 pulls in 3 different maps combined in one log. it's OK but it does make it a bit challenging sometimes when combined logs that have different maps.
    Let's start with the good. AFR GTG, Boost GTG, Paddle shifting GTG. Now the timing got progressively worst, I suspect crappy gas. Throw some E85 in there if it's available. I wouldn't suggest a battery disconnect in this instance because Map0 and Map1 looked fine. You can daily Map2 if you want, it's not that bad, just more deviations than normal in that map with 93.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	maptwo.jpg Views:	10 Size:	84.8 KB ID:	813449
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      Thanks for the log review and map 2 felt good. I did find some e85 and added about 2 gallons to a full tank of 93….so somewhere in the e20 range? Added new log.



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        Overall it looks really good, it does take a day or two for the ECU to "Adapt" to the new fuel. I suspect that it will look better and better over time. E20 is good, but E30 is better. With E27-30, timing deviations should drop to near zero, with that said Map3 could easily be run.
        One thing to check is plug 4, pull that guy and check gap, it's the only one a bit worse than the rest.
        Click image for larger version

Name:	plug4.jpg
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          Thanks a lot for the feedback and info. it is greatly appreciated. Will check the plug and see what I find.


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            New log for map 3 could you check this one please. Thanks P21_M3_R3_221012_2059.csv


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              Overall not bad, what fuel were you running? Plug 4 is just a hair worst but I wouldn't be too concerned. Your WGDC is way off so I checked the csv and noticed you had FF on 60. Did someone suggest that? Honestly, I would put that back to 50.
              Click image for larger version

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                This was E28-E30 mix. I forgot plug 4 needs to be checked per the last conversation I will pull that and inspect. WGCD? Quick look maybe wastegate? I did add aftermarket ADDw1 BOVs to vent to atmosphere instead of recirc if that is a difference from the Map 2 reading. I haven't touched any of the FF so I can revert that back to 50. Thanks for the update!


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                  Yes Waist gate, overall controlled by the FF setting, and individually controlled by RPM under Duty Bias. Keep them all at 50 for now.


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                    Not sure if it's easier to continue in this thread or start a new one! New year new log! This one seems to look a bit different...ran map 0 most the winter...first tank of E30.

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                      It looks normal, some deviations in timing but expected in Map3 with E30, your GTG.
                      Plug 4 is still the highest, I would update your firmware too, 29 is out and your running 24. Lots of good updates.
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                        Thanks for the feedback!