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Genesis GV70 - Missing App Metrics and Camera Flicker

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  • Genesis GV70 - Missing App Metrics and Camera Flicker

    Hello! I recently traded in my 2019 Genesis G70 for a new GV70 and of course had to pick up a JB4 immediately for it. I installed it yesterday evening and noticed two things that I'm wondering if there is any info about:

    1. The JB4 mobile app doesn't seem to display some of the metrics as it should. It always shows the car is in Gear 0, and IAT isn't populated. I do see things like boost and RPM, however. Is this normal? I'm concerned that it isn't and likely means that the JB4 won't have the correct information it needs to make the best decisions for tuning
    2. When the JB4 is connected to the OBD port on the vehicle my cameras (front and back in particular) flicker. It's obviously the JB4, since I can watch the flickering and remove the OBD cable while it's happening and it stops. Is this a shielding issue with the JB4 or some other CAN bus interference potentially caused by the JB4? I'm no expert in car electronics, but I am a software/security engineer so I know a little bit about electronics and systems in general.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Can somebody from BMS help me?


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      Normally if you need direct support on a new JB4 system you'd want to email us as we don't always check every forum thread.

      1) Not all channels are offered on every platform. Attach a JB4 log and I'll check the firmware version to ensure it's on the latest.
      2) I've heard some complaints like that before on this model although have not really looked in to it yet. Not sure what on OBDII could cause it. Is the red/yellow JB4 connection installed on the top of the engine, and brown towards the radiator?

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