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2022 2.5L Smartstream Santa Cruz - tuning/DCT question

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  • 2022 2.5L Smartstream Santa Cruz - tuning/DCT question

    Hey guys - I've got a 2022 Santa Cruz Limited that I'm interested in tinkering with; few questions because I've been out of the tuning world since my 2010 Genesis Coupe turbo - so I'm pretty out of date on alot of things.

    1. The JB4 looks like a solid solution for a little extra torque without really offending any other subsystem on the car; I understand it can remap fuel, spark, boost etc - does the JB4 have any authority over pedal mapping for the Hyundai? If not, is there anything available to do this - I have a sneaking suspicion that pedal-mapping too aggressively could easily be the straw that breaks the DCT's back so perhaps thats best left untouched.

    2. Having read the tech specs on the Hyundai DCT, it appears that the car already is performing pretty close to the DCT's rated max torque load. Is there any concern with this powertrain on cranking up boost and getting right at/past the DCT's load limit?

    3. I've found folks online with Santa Fes, Stingers, etc that have plenty of seat time with the JB4 and are very happy with it - any feed back from folks with JB4s on the Santa Cruz?

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    2. I haven't heard of issues but if it slips, then I'd back off a bit.

    3. Sorry, no Santa Cruz experience.

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      Thanks Steve - appreciate the link and feedback; I guess I'd ask the question another way, I assume thus far other 2.5L smartstream applications with the same 8spd DCT (stinger etc) have not experienced slipping issues thus far with tunes geared for OEM turbo/hardware, would that be a fair statement?

      I've never worked on a DCT before so forgive my ignorance but - is the DCT failure mode in terms of excess torque output a slip rather than break/fail of components then? That sounds alot easier to deal with than eight neutrals LoL

      I'm gonna see what I can do for opening up the Santa Cruz's intake, I don't see anything on the aftermarket yet... then do the full suite of JB4 hardware and see how it goes.

      If you have worked with any shops in the DFW area that are good with your hardware I'd appreciate any reference you have to offer!
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