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  • Map 2 Log Check

    So I am brand new to tuning and performance modifications. I have a k and n CAI, HKS plugs gapped to .022 and JB4 on a 2018 GT1.

    I have done lots of research trying to understand the logs and make sure my car is healthy, but it would be really great if someone could take a look. Thanks
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    Not the greatest of logs but looks pretty normal otherwise. Some slight timing corrections but not bad.

    Try a log starting in 3rd at about 2K rpms, go WOT until it shifts to 4th, then let off.

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      Thanks a lot. I will post another log with that 3rd gear pull when I get a chance to try it out.

      Yeah, I was looking at the timing corrections and wasn't sure if it was in the normal range or not. The JB4 has only been installed for a little over a week now and just a few WOT runs.