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New to JB4 - need help with logs/timing

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  • AWDGT2
    I wouldn't run Map3, or even Map2 with factory plugs. Map1 is all you'll get away with especially if you haven't even regapped them. Terry sells HKS two step plugs on his website. Get those, re-log and post. These logs deviations are too high to recommend anything else. Also, your firmware is a bit dated at 22. Through the app I recommend downloading the latest firmware and you'll see a world of difference.

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  • Zippyflaa
    started a topic New to JB4 - need help with logs/timing

    New to JB4 - need help with logs/timing

    Hello Terry,

    I was told you were the person to reach out to for questions and advice for JB4 tuning. I just recently installed the JB4 system on my 2018 Kia Stinger GT2 AWD, and after a day of driving I ran some logs and saw that my ignition timing was inconsistent.

    I have attached my log here, and would really appreciate any help or suggestions to make the engine run as smooth as possible.

    Here are the modifications I have:

    K&N cold air intakes
    Borla type-S ***-back exhaust
    JB4 w/ PnP fuel wires + Bluetooth
    93 octane fuel exclusively

    Initially I tried running on map2, but tried map3 to test it out. Map3 certainly feels faster, but I don’t want to run it if it’s not safe for the engine.

    Also I am aware it is suggested to replace the factory spark plugs , which is something I intend to do very soon. Any suggestions of exactly which plug and gap distance I should be running?

    Thank you in advance
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