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Question about fuel economy

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  • Question about fuel economy

    Hi folks! First post here so apologies if I am doing something wrong.

    I am considering purchasing a JB4 for my Forte GT. Obviously, I am interested in the increase in power. However, I also do a lot of highway driving cross country. (3k mile trips every 6 months) I read the discussion about efficiency and I was wondering. Could this improve efficiency by dropping power?

    I saw the boost by gear feature. My car is a manual. Could I create an "over-drive" map that just cuts boost and there by fuel consumption during my long road trips? Or do I have a flaw in my understanding? I would love to have more sporty maps for fun. But one for cruising with higher mpg would be great.

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    You could run map 8 and see if you notice any improvement in mileage. My guess is that it's just highway cruising, you won't see much affect as you're not typically in boost or much boost just cruising like that. On climbs, you may run less boost but you'll have to run higher rpms to make the power needed to climb.

    "Map 8: Valet map, runs around half as much boost as stock."

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      Ah, will try that. Thanks!