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Forte GT log check please

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  • Forte GT log check please

    Could someone take a look at this log and tell me how things look please?


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    Log looks pretty good! Could you upload a log where you go through some gears just to make sure there are no timing corrections up top?
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      Alright thanks!
      Yes, I will try and get one tomorrow if it’s not raining.


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        Log looks good for the most part. I would keep an eye on the AFR as you can see the fuel trims are maxed all the way up to 5800 at 42. There is a little lean spike to 13.0 at 5500rpm which is a bit odd.
        Timing looks good as there are no large drops of 3.0 degrees or more and it is at 9 degrees above 5200 rpm.

        Are you running E30?

        Have a look at tuning with Map 6 as the 1.6l turbo platform can benefit from some simple tuning to smooth out the boost curve. Notice that the boost curve in your graph goes from 21 psi at 4100rpm down to 18psi at 4500rpm and the back up to 20psi at 5100rpm. I found this a bit annoying as I could feel the surging so I have tuned it out with Map 6. Send me a PM if you wanted some more info on values I have used to get rid of that surging.


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          Thank you!
          If I’m not mistaken, we have talked before about the map6 settings but I think I have lost the email from you with time.

          I am running about 2.5g of E85.

          I do notice the surging sometimes, (this pull I forgot to turn of TC) and other times it’s not as noticeable.. I have a BOV solenoid and wastegate solenoid waiting to be installed in hopes they help.