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2.0t N - N75 ECU tune plus JB4 map6, how to setup?

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  • 2.0t N - N75 ECU tune plus JB4 map6, how to setup?


    I've got an N75 flash and am going to hook the JB4 up on top of it. I mistakenly left the jb4 on map1 when I fired started the car after installing the new ecu. It popped a P063800 code
    Throttle Actuator Control Range/Performance (Bank 1). Throttle pedal was mostly unresponsive. I reseated the ECU connections, removed the JB4, and everything was fine. Cleared the code and it hasn't returned. I'm not sure if this was related to the JB4 or something else.

    I want to try this again.

    I'm going to turn on bit1 since I won't be using the fuel wires, and I'll turn bit6 on as well since it's an aftermarket flash

    1. What does turning bit6 do exactly, and is there any reason the JB4 could have caused the code I experienced previously if I didn't have bit6 on?
    2. I'd like to start with just lowering boost in 1st and 2nd. Do I need to be using map6 for this to be active? Or does this work on map 0? Also..... all the DCT N car logs I see have gear 0 on the log. So is this even going to work?
    3. If/when I begin using map6 to add boost in certain spots, do I need to use the duty bias or can I leave them at 0? I see mention of this in other logs, but to my knowledge 2.0t N cars don't have ewg wires so I'm not sure why this would be messed with.
    4. Is it possible to use map6 to lower boost at certain rpm and raise at other? Or do I have to pick one or the other depending on which firmware I load

    Am I missing anything else for this to work?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    so I've done some reading and gathered info, most of it from the 3.3 but some from the 1.6t and other 2.0t cars.

    My CEL was an unrelated issue. I inadvertently did a TB reset which is actually what fixed the issue.

    1. Bit6 is more so for cars with EWG connectors. helps with boost control around shifts.
    2. This is global so it should work on any map, including 0. Since JB4 doesn't recognize the gear it does boost by speed instead. Haven't found a great explanation of the algorithm but it should work to some extent.
    3. Duty bias is for EWG wires. If you don't have those it won't do anything
    4. You must pick one or the other. If you want to do reduction then you need to load firmware 28.
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      Not quite sure what you're asking but when using the JB4 with a flash map you'll want to start by logging map0 to evaluate the flash map.
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        Originally posted by Terry @ BMS View Post
        Not quite sure what you're asking but when using the JB4 with a flash map you'll want to start by logging map0 to evaluate the flash map.
        I wasn't understanding certain parts of how the JB4 operated. I think a lot of what I didn't understand was related to EWG wires. So Bit6, FF, Duty Bias, etc all have no real meaning for the 2.0t N cars.

        Am I correct that boost by gear still works, it just references speed since jb4 doesn't detect the gear on N cars? And if enabled, it'll still have an effect on map 0?