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JB4 installed, now Forte GT hesitates

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  • JB4 installed, now Forte GT hesitates

    So I installed my JB4 about 4 months ago, along with the fuel wire, but whenever I go to try and WOT, the car chugs and won't accelerate at all for a good at least 3-5 seconds, and it's super frustrating, because I really do love what the tuner has done for my 2022 Forte GT, anyone got any ideas??, Can upload a WOT log tomorrow most likely if anybody would like to see. Trim levels drop to nothing basically every time that it happens. Thank you all 😁

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    For any tuning advice we'd need a log of the issue.
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      Okay, so here is the log that I took the other day, it seems that whenever I WOT, the car just isn't putting out any sort of power you would expect, even like stock power, cuz when I unplug the JB4, the car is as actually quicker.. idk what's going on, but dang it sucks : /
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        And here is another log,I'm not sure how to even make any sense out of it, but that is why I'm here ha.. hopefully chu can help meh out a bit here.. thanks for your time!..
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          So I'm brand new to all this and learning myself that's why I was even reading your post, from my very limited knowledge of how to read these logs your ign1 is acting really funny. I think it's supposed to start low and gradually build without any big drops as RPMs increase, yours are all out of whack.


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            Hmm, really??, That's not good!, Because yeah, I'm definitely still having issues with it. It doesn't matter which gear I'm in either, just whenever I try to go WOT it hesitates line really really bad, and not just like, hesitate then all good, it literally is hesitating through the entire acceleration.. Not sure what could be causing my ign1 to be all wonky.. Any suggestions??.. Would be super coo, I have NO idea where to even begin..


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              You need to go WOT from 2-3rd gear all the way to redline and shift for a log. Traction control off.


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                You input boost reduction in 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear.
                Make those values 0
                Then grab a proper log (3rd or 4th gear from 2K rpm to redline at wide open throttle)
                Then we can have a look and see what's going on.

                Click image for larger version

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