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Log Check, I think ign 3 is too high

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  • Log Check, I think ign 3 is too high

    Hello all,

    I need some help learning what to look for when reading logs. Can someone point me in the direction to a post or a video of someone explaining what to look for when reading logs? I've been reading through the posts here and have been learning a few things.

    At the very least, would someone be so kind as to tell me if my logs look safe to run? This morning I made a pull in map 3 and ign3 was at 6.8. This afternoon I backed down to map2 and got a 3.8. This is only in cylinder 3. Would I happen to have an issue with my plug? Would I have to double-check its gap?

    mods: BMS intakes, bov, snorkels, HKS plugs gapped to .022, ewg wires, 93octane

    Many thanks for considering my request!

    attached are the map3 and map2 logs.​
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    Im no expert but i also agree that's really high! id say run a map 2 and see if it helps!


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      yea, but i switched to map 2 which got me to 3.8. I am about to disconnect the battery for 15min to see if that resets everything.


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        post a map 1 pull!


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          ok so I disconnected the negative terminal for 15min and took another pull. it appears things have cleaned up. IGN are all 0's.
          Can someone please take a look and let me know what they think about the rest?

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            Overall OK now, but I have a few questions and one recommendation.
            1. Why is FF at 60? Just wondering if someone guided you there
            2. Do you have fuel wires hooked up?
            Recommendation: update your firmware, you're on 25 and 29 is out,

            Click image for larger version

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              Hey AWDGT2 thanks for checking it out!!
              1. FF is set to 60 to try to bring dme_bt as close to ECU PSI without throwing me an over-boost code. Do you think I should back it down?
              2. I do have fuel wires hooked up

              I'll update my firmware this afternoon after work.


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                So I was able to get my hands on some e85. I tested it and it was e80. I used online calculators to calculate the mixture needed to get e30 etc etc. I filled the rest up with 93 octane from Circle K.

                I did a few short pulls and checked the ign and there weren't any crazy adjustments. Just a couple of .8's.

                I did a long pull up to 100mph and ign3 was adjusting 4.5!!!!

                Any advice?

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                  Pull that plug and check that gap. Most times that plug is a bit loose too because it's so hard to get wobblers in there. You can also swap plugs, like plug 2 for example. If the issues follows the plug and corrections show up on plug 2 you know you have a bad plug. If it doesn't follow the plug then another thing you can try is swapping coil packs (though it's very unlikely)
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                    Ok so i disconnected the battery again and went for a pull in map4. Still had timing adjustments. I disconnected it again for 20-30 min. After turning the car on i switched to map3 and adjusted my ff to the default 50. On the map 3 pull, more cylinders are adjusting…

                    I have a few questions:
                    -After disconnecting the battery should i drive around for a little bit to rebuild the ecu fuel table or would i be ok with putting my foot to the floor after the 30 seconds it takes for me to get out of the my driveway and arrive in Mexico? If so, then maybe this is why the other cylinders went bonkers in map3?
                    -Also, is it recommended to disconnect the battery every time i change maps??

                    Attached is my newest log. It auto grouped itself so be aware that half is in map4 and the other half is in map3. Please advise any thoughts comments or concerns.

                    Thank you!!!
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                      Plug 3 is still suspect. IMHO, Map 2 should be your max. All you have is 93 and it's possible it's not good gas. Even if it was, Map3 normally is too much unless you put some E-85mix. Map4 is absolutely not the map to run with just pump gas 93. If you want to push it more, I would look at meth, or CPI if you have access to E-85. Last note is heat, your IAT's were 118 deg and held steady. You didn't list an aftermarket IC, that coupled with no cooling from Meth or CPI will tend to show some knock as your logs do.


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                        So I was able to get my hands on some e85. I tested it and it was e80. I used online calculators to calculate the mixture needed to get e30 etc etc. I filled the rest up with 93 octane from Circle K. So i figured map3 should be safe.
                        i am def looking into meth but i owed quite a bit of taxes this year which messed up that budget. lol.

                        i plan on pulling that plug, inspecting it, and swapping it with cylinder two in case it’s still acting up, it’ll be easier to get to.

                        I’ll report back!


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                          Yesterday i pulled cylinder 3 spark plug and checked its gap. Gap was good. I swapped the plug with cylinder 2. I went to swap the coil from cylinder two but learned that they are different coils on opposing sides. The the female end of the electrical plug is titled upwards on cylinders 2,4,6 whereas on the odds side, its flat (i guess to fit under the intake easier). The even side plugs even had a circle sticker on top of them. (Future reference/fun fact for anyone)

                          so plug from cylinder 3 was swapped with cylinder 2. The plug from cylinder 5 was swapped with 3. Therefore cylinder 3 has both different plugs and coil.

                          went for a rip and I’m still having ign3 adjustments!! I think I’m going to buy some royal purple fuel system cleaner and run that through my next tank of 93 only. I’m going to take a break from ethanol for a little bit. Maybe there’s deposits in that cylinder or something. I’m also going to try and find an expensive gas station like shell. I thought the circle k/ speedway i was going to had good premium but maybe that’s the issue as well.

                          i should get back to y’all in about a week. If you have any ideas or suggestions, lemme know! Thanks!

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                            I haven't looked at the log yet but keep in mind there are short term corrections and long term corrections. You won't see any changes right away because the ECU remembers it's last state and it might take a day or two for it to learn that there is no knock in that cylinder. Run it normal just as a daily driver for a few days then log.


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                              Hello all, I am checking back in after a while to let you all know that things look back to normal. If I can get a second opinion, that would be great. Logs are attached. I went back to map 2 after I ran out of e30. I also bought Royal Purple Max Clean and ran that with a fresh full tank of 93. After going through the tank of treated gas I filled up again with 93 and took a few logs, there are no more timing adjustments for any of the cylinders!!

                              quick summary:
                              The original issue was that I was checking to see if I could run map3 on 93octane. I had major timing adjustments. I then backed down to map 2 and still had timing adjustments. After battery reset, map 2 cleaned itself up for the most part. A week or so later I found e85, tested it, the calculated an e30 fuel mixture to run. Reset the battery and tried map4 and map3. All of which had timing issues in cylinder 3. Ran through the e30 and went back to 93octane and used royal purple to clean things up. things are looking better now.

                              Potential Causes:
                              -Cheap gas
                              -dirty injectors
                              -carbon build-up
                              -not letting the fuel table fully rebuild itself after resetting the battery

                              Things Checked
                              -e85 level was tested and was at e80
                              -checked the plug gaps and moved the plugs around
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                                Everything looks normal here.
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