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  • Tucson hybrid

    Good day. New here and I have a few things to discuss.

    First is regarding hybrids. I have a 23 Tucson hybrid. I am wondering how a jb4 would work on a hybrid. It has a 1.6t engine. If anyone has used one on this vehicle or any other hybrid and care to share their experience, that would be great.

    Second is that my son just purchased a 23 Elantra n-line. It also has a 1.6t. I assume it's the same engine but possibly has different connections. Anyway, would I be able to switch which vehicle the unit is on? I occasionally take my VW GTI to the races and he seems to think his Elantra would able to beat me. Would i be able to switch the unit to his car or would it only be able to work on mine? He will need all the help he can get.