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Map 2 log check

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  • Map 2 log check

    2.0 optima
    hks bov
    full catback w/hfc
    Hks plugs gapped to .24

    If all is good I’ll be trying map 3 any comments are appreciated
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    Looks good to me..I'm no expert but I've looked at my own logs a bit and built my own map6.. Pay attention to the rows where the pedal column is at 100 (full throttle). Generally you want to see air/fuel ratio around 12.5 (AFR column). Also pay attention to timing. IGN1 is going to give you actual ignition timing on cylinder 1.. While accelerating timing should be advancing as RPM's go up.. If you see 3 degree or more drops in timing that indicates that the computer is pulling timing due to detection of knock. A little is okay but a lot is not ideal -- you probably want to reduce boost or increase octane. You can also look at IGN_2,3,4 which is timing offset on cylinders 2-4. A zero degree offset indicates that there isn't any timing being pulled.

    There's a lot of other interesting parameters there as well. IAT will give you incoming air temperature.

    A combination of ECU_PSI, BOOST, and target are interesting as well.
    ecu_psi tells you what the computers seeing/targeting for the boost level.
    target tells you how much additional boost the JB4 is trying to add.
    boost is what the JB4 is seeing as actual boost after it's fooled the computer.

    So ECU_PSI + TARGET = BOOST in a perfect world. Some time you can keep adding more target, but the actual boost number doesn't go up (especially at the higher rpms). That's because the computer keeps reducing ecu_psi because of limits built into the default tune.. The JB4 can only fool the computer so much; too much target boost and the stock computer will protect itself. So don't go crazy by increasing boost target too far it won't do you any good.

    You can try 3 but make sure you understand what you're seeing when you do. Your boost field shows you hitting like 23 PSI which is pretty aggressive on 93.

    If any of this is wrong, please correct smarter people than myself. I'm always trying to learn more..
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