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JB4 Strange Map issues, 2017 ES 1.6t

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  • JB4 Strange Map issues, 2017 ES 1.6t

    To start off, I have a 2017 Hyundai Elantra Sport, 3" exhaust, gutted ***, no secondary. upgraded solenoids, msd coils, ngk substitutes for the hks plugs gapped to .24

    Had my car dynoed and only made 167whp and 225wtq on map 2, and 5 less hp and same torque with the JB4 fully off the car, but with a 5psi difference between. Boost peaked and held around 21psi on both runs.

    AFR on both runs was pig rich at 10:1 after 4k rpm.

    Performed on a Dynojet with smoothing on 5

    I have pictures of the dyno sheet, but no logs as my laptop was messed up at the time.

    I'm at a loss as to what is going on with the lack of power and such high fuel to air mixture, should I connect the fuel line?
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    Uploaded two maps, one is from map 0, a 3rd to 4th pull, and the next is a 1st to 4th pull map 2.

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      Something odd gong on with the boost.

      On your Map 0 pulls ECU psi is where it should be 12-14 psi and target is 0 because JB4 is effectively off so actual PSI is same as ECU psi - this is all correct

      When you log a map 2 pull, ECU PSI drops to 8-10 PSI (this is where the weirdness is) and target is 4PSI (which is correct) so actual PSI is about 14PSI the same as it is on map 0 which is why the car is not any faster.

      The question is, why is ECU PSI reduced when you switch to Map 2?? I dont know the answer to this but I am sure one of the Burger guys will be able to figure out what's happening.

      When I log map 2 and 3 my ECU PSI stays the same as when it is on Map 0 and therefor when the JB4 adds 4-5 psi the actual boost I see is 19-20.

      Hope this helps point in the right direction.


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        Comparing your map to mine (2018 ES) I do see that your FUA toggle is set to 0. On the JB4 setup page it indicated a value of 2 is required for the 17-18 ES. Not sure if this is the cause of the issue but it may help. Also, check your fuel wire connection (if connected) as the JB4 set a safety code for AFR lean if not connected I would suggest disabling the fuel wires with Bit 0.

        FutureUseA (FUA) as of v22 firmware:

        FUA 1: Show cyl 2-6 as raw timing rather than timing corrections.
        FUA 2: Required for 2018 and earlier 1.6L models
        FUA 3: Required for 2019+ 1.6L models​


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          I was on an old firmware before the dyno runs, just upgraded to the newest. I don't have the fuel wire connected, should I?

          And fua is required now? I know it wasn't even an option on the jb4 before