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  • First Log Check

    2023 3.3 Kia Stinger
    Mods : Fmic, Cai, Cattless Secondary, Borla Eahust, add bov, HKS M45XL plugs pre-gapped

    Running Map 2 in first attachment and map 3 in second. This is my first time trying to Log something and want to make sure everything is good before I start using my methanol that is installed.
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    Logs look good, Map3 wasn't very long but I saw no issues. Run that Meth! Put scaling on 60 and leave it; a good start for additive is 60. Also, why is your FF on 60? I recommend putting it back to 50 and leaving it there.


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      Can you tell me more about what you mean by scaling on 60 and where I would find that . Also what does FF mean and I haven't messed with anything since i got the jb4


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        Under Meth control you will see setting like Meth trigger, Meth trigger, Meth Additive, Meth Scalling. Once it's installed, it is covered in the BMS manual and what you should put them on. FF is a setting youll find under advance I think but it should be set to 50, not 60 unless someone very smart instructed you to.



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          Sounds good thanks for the help!