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  • Stinger M4 check

    It wasn't the best run, but if someone could look at this, I would appreciate it. E30 MAP 4, car seems to like it, but I want to be sure it's good before trying M5. FF set at 55.

    2018 GT1 RWD
    CAI, HKS plugs gapped, OCC, EWG wires, JB4 w/fuel wires, mbrp pro *** back, akropovic tips
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    Fuel enrichment is maxed, HPFP is starting to stress, and timing in cylinder 3 is getting loose. I think this map might be your max unless you run more octane, and more E will only continue to stress the Fuel pump. If you wanted to try 5, throw some race gas in there


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      Got it. Would you continue to run map 4 with the numbers as is? Everything I have ran E30 it seems my trims max out..
      But the AFR still seems decent.


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        Map4 looks solid. You might have fuel issues when it gets colder but all you'll have to do is drop a Map.


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          Would replacing the spark plug in cylinder 3 help with the knock? I looked back at several logs and Blogs isn't bad, but usually has some timing adjustments from 1.5 to 2.3.