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Used JB4 / Fuel-It Setup - Need Help!

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  • Used JB4 / Fuel-It Setup - Need Help!

    Hello smart people!! I need your help!

    I recently purchased a JB4 from another Kia Stinger owner and hooked it up to my car this past weekend. Along with the JB4 came a Fuel-It kit that was already wired into Pin 4 of the JB4.

    I've tried to get the JB4 to read the Fuel-It but am not having any luck. I've attached screenshots of the current settings. It seems maybe he was using Water/Meth Injection (which I am not) and thought maybe the settings he had were sticking and may need to be changed. I also tried to connect the Fuel-It to the Fuel-It app using Bluetooth but can't get it to connect. I know it is getting power but can't tell if it is on or figure out why it isn't connecting to my phone.

    Is there a way to reset the JB4, or can you all help me what the settings should be for my application? Again, I'm running the JB4 (with Bluetooth and latest update) with fuel wires and EWG Add-On wires, along with the basic Fuel-It kit that is wired into Pin 4 of the JB4. I also replaced the plugs with M45IL plugs.

    In place of the GPS Speed gauge on my app (see in attached pic), I'd like to display the ethanol percent (assuming that'd be the E85 gauge?). Also, when the app connects to the JB4, it is defaulting to Map 5 when Map 3 or 4 would be better for the mixture I am running.

    Lastly, the Fuel-It kit leaked when I connected it to the HPFP. Is this normal? I put an additional hose clamp around the very end of the hose and it appears to have stopped leaking but I don't trust it and have not gotten on the throttle very hard as I'm afraid it will leak onto the manifold and ignite. Would you all recommend another connector (or hose), and is there a better connector that is guaranteed not to leak?
    Happy to jump on the phone with someone to walk thru the settings if that'd be easier.

    Any and all help appreciated!! Thank you!

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    There should be no clamp of any sort that didn't come from BMS. Did he cut something?
    I assume the JB has been re-registered to you?


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      Originally posted by AWDGT2 View Post
      There should be no clamp of any sort that didn't come from BMS. Did he cut something?
      I assume the JB has been re-registered to you?
      Thanks for the reply. I added a clamp in addition to the crimp clamp that already came on it. Nothing has been cut, it was just that the crimp clamp was allowing some leakage and by adding the additional clamp, it has stopped (I just don't trust it).

      As far as the JB4, I am not certain how to re-register. I did see in the settings that it is pulling my VIN. Was hoping there was a way to reset it and start over, making any required changes to recognize the Fuel-It kit, display ethanol content, and then make any adjustments to waste gate settings since it came with the EWG wires.

      Any guidance appreciated.


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        If you email BMS support, or tag Terry @ BMS they can walk you through resetting the JB. I would also invest in a new low pressure line, having that leak isn't good as you know. I'm sure BMS can get you one out pretty quick.