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Stinger 3.3 GT jb4 + EK1 BEF

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  • Stinger 3.3 GT jb4 + EK1 BEF

    Hey guys,

    first things first. I am german so please be considerate of my words Click image for larger version  Name:	dataurl933489.gif Views:	14 Size:	73 Bytes ID:	822475

    little (dyno) story about my car:
    2021 AWD german GT (max loaded and like 2 tons of weight)

    Stock: 372PS 569Nm

    Current mods are:

    Fuel: Aral Ultimate RON 102 (R+M/2 AKI 96)
    IMR primay ********* with HFC
    Bastuck secondary ********* with HFC
    Bastuck catback without resonators.
    Takeda Momentum intakes
    HKS M45il plugs
    Airtec upgraded intercooler
    Lozic „stage 3“ TCU
    Jb4 with fuel and ewg wires on my own custom map6

    jb4 only:
    502 PS 766Nm (8.55s 100-200kph)

    after BMS BEF:
    534PS 808Nm (7.88s 100-200kph)

    Full weight incl workstuff and so on.

    Its the low timing low boost map at station fuel only.
    No E85 (not available im germany) No WMI (go to jail in germany)

    0.25bar less boost than with jb4 only.

    Had a bad day at work and am out of words so pls ask your questions!

    Thx a lot @Terry for all your support. You made your part for letting me hit the 7‘s!

    PS: no timing pulls or anything else…
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    Great results
    Congratulations !!
    Can you send jb4 logs?​