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I believe Mercedes should bring the C250 into the US market.

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  • I believe Mercedes should bring the C250 into the US market.

    With the Audi A4 ultra and BMW 320i, I believe Mercedes can really up their sales if they sold the C250 that is sold in Europe in the US. I think it would compete well with these two models and attract more people into the Mercedes brand. Since the CLA is $32500+ and the C300 is $40000+, I think Mercedes would be wise to enter the $36000 market, to more directly compete with the A4. What do you guys think?
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    No. There is no more 320 or A4 Ultra. Both sucked and were killed. Theres still an A4 40 TFSI, which is still pathetic, but at least BMW no longer caters to the paupers. Thats why BMW and Mercedes will always be the 2 brands people think of when they think of German luxury. These are luxury marques. They don't need to be selling cars to Honda and Toyota buyers. Audi insists on it, and thats why their brand is considered nothing more than glorified, overpriced Volkswagens. The luxury market isn't about sales numbers. Its about protecting your brand image so that you can make more money on each sale. Selling an underpowered turd is an image killer.
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