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C300 2016 JB4: getting check engine light

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  • C300 2016 JB4: getting check engine light

    When i first got my jb4 i just plugged it in to the tmap, like instructed, but with either map 12 o3 my car was going into limp mode, after changing gears from 3 or 4th gear, i was told to put in the optional connector

    D) Brown wire patch, 3 positions
    Both JB4 & Stage1: This is the most difficult to install connection and installs to the pressure
    sensor on the intake manifold. Installation requires removal of the intercooler and in most
    situations we suggest simply not installing it unless the ultimate performance is required.

    i would first like to make sure i put the connector in the right censor i put it in the sensor circled in RED, is this the right place to connect the Brown wire patch?

    my car would work well and no longer go into limp mode , but then after a day i began to get a check engine light and these error codes, PLEASE HELP
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    I'm going to move this to the correct section.

    I'm not as familiar with these cars but that does look to be correct. The brown patch goes to the map sensor on the intake manifold. If working with support and they told you to install those patch wires, I'd suggest continuing to work with them on this.


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