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W177 M260 Installation

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  • W177 M260 Installation

    Hi all, new to this forum though not a new JB4 user.

    Hope this has not already been covered somewhere else, but I am really not finding much available information online wrt JB4 install for the 2018 A250 (W177/M260) so hoping to get some help here.

    1) As per attached images, I have installed the sensor connectors A and B as highlighted; and left the FP connector unattached. The OBDII port has also been successfully connected and Bluetooth handshake working well.
    2) However, I am getting several engine fault codes (attached image) that I am unable to erase (it appears immediatel after “Delete Code” has been activated via the app).
    3) In addition, whilst I seem able to change the map and see live RPM, IAT, AFR, IGN an MAP data via the app, I am unable to see the Gear data.
    4) On my car display, the boost is also showing a constant 1.2kPa instead of the regular variable boost values without the JB4.

    I am hoping that this is a simple issue of wrong connections and a straight forward fix. Really looking forward to any help and advice available!

    Many Thanks in Advance!!
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    I suspect you need a SENT model JB4 and have an analog model JB4.... Email us and we can swap it for you.
    Burger Motorsports
    Home of the JB4 the worlds most popular turbocharged tuning system!

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      You're a star!

      All working fine now after swopping into the SENT board. You're a star Terry! Thank you!