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JB4 Logs - What to look for?

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  • JB4 Logs - What to look for?

    Greetings everybody!
    I have been playing around with maps on my 2018 C43 running on 98 octane, and was wondering what to look for in my logs.
    I have tried everything from custom map 6 to map 1, and i can push the car to boost up to 19psi.
    What are timings and how consistant shall they be? I have read a lot on this forum people monitoring drops in their timings, then adusting the maps to keep them flat. Is the trim reading equivalent to timings?
    What about AFR? All my AFR readings are hovering around 13.

    My question is simply; when do i upgrade my setting to the next map. What are the parameters that can confidently indicate the car is ready to target higher boosts?