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2014 750i xdrive, N63TU new JB4 install switching to Map4

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  • 2014 750i xdrive, N63TU new JB4 install switching to Map4

    Installed the JB4 this past weekend in my 2014 750i xdrive with N63TU motor. Have been playing around with Maps 1 and 2 only. Car is 100% stock other than JB4. While driving around it has occasionally switched me to Map4 from both Map2 and Map1. Today I was trying to do a logged pull on Map1 and it switched to Map 4 in the middle. I was planning to do the pull in 3rd, but I went past pedal delimiter and it downshifted to 2nd during the pull. I’ve attached the log. It switches to Map 4 between 104 and 105 timestamp.

    thoughts on what is going on? I’m new to this so don’t fully understand reading the log. Thanks in advance for help.


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    Continues to go into map 4 anytime I pull from 3rd and hit around 6000 rpm’s. Please look at log and let me know your thoughts. Happens in both map 1 and map2.


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      I believe I have already looked at this and requested codes?

      Have you checked for codes yet? Didn't you say previously you have a BCM as well?

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        Not sure how you could have previously requested anything regarding this post, as it was my first post without any replies. The car is not giving any codes, and car is stock otherwise. If you have any suggestions please advise.