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F07 JB4 install

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  • F07 JB4 install

    Please help. I'm having trouble trying to find an access point through the firewall in my f07. I'm looking in the the space that holds the brake fluid reservoir and I only see one giant bundle of wires with a sealed grommet and the hood release cable. Am i missing a port somewhere?

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    Look up part number 41137204062. Thats the firewall for the 5, 6, and 7 series. Most of the upper corners are hollow and are sealed with closure caps (51717184112). That’s where you gotta go through.

    Do you have the big hole on the left? That should be on your right looking at the dash standing at the front of the car and where the big harness runs. The hole with the 4 holes around it is where the booster attaches. The other hole below the harness one is where you run the obd cable.
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      Thank you for your quick response. I did see what you where talking about. It looks like the hood release cable. I'll try that. Thanks for your help!