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Dial in JB4 on N63

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  • Dial in JB4 on N63

    I hope all is well.
    I am writing this to kindly request help with dialing in JB4 on my 2011 N63. I have a few upgrades on the car.
    Upgrades: Precision/ Pure Stage 1 Twin Turbos
    VRSF *********
    Custom ******* Exhaust
    JB4 N63 F Chassis

    The car has a brand new engine in it and everything is running smoothly the only issue is that it throws codes every power cycle. I did some data logs and will upload them here as well as the codes it keeps on throwing. Could someone please help me out with tuning the car and kindly explain what we need to do thank you so much in advance. I hope you have a great weekend!


    118702 Lambda probe before catalytic converter 2, mixture control: exhaust gas after catalyst too lean

    118602 Lambda probe before catalyst mixture fine control: exhaust too lean after catalyst

    128401 Lambda probe before catalytic converter 2, system test: Signal fixed on grease
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    The codes are from the VRSF. Removing emission’s equipment always throws Lambda codes. There used to be legal ones available that kept the 🐈’s but I don’t know if they still are.
    Mike Levy
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