Hello all,
I have a few questions about the jb4 software that I haven't been able to get answered...probably bc its buried in the other thread😉
When I select either map 0, 1 or 2, they all display the same numbers under 'user adjustment'. From what Ive read, map 0 disables jb4, map 1 is +4, and map 2 is +5psi.
The numbers Im referring to are the boost numbers under 'map 6 boost', also why does it say map 6 if there is no map 6 yet for is200t?
I made sure the software was up to date with bms, and I do notice performance differences when I adjust the boost. I changed the boost to +6 from 3k to 6k and noticed more low end torque but less top end hp, and it also made 0-60 worse! Changed it back to +5 and less low end but 6-60 improves.
sorry if this is noob, Im new to tuning and this program.