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Jeep 2.0t April 2021 Map Availability Update

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  • Jeep 2.0t April 2021 Map Availability Update

    2nd time JB4 buyer here... prev was for a 2015 M4. Liked it ok other than the mixing of fuel for optimum boost... all my other cars are tuned for pump e85... simple, clean, cheap and FAST!

    So... looking for the process by which I arrive at a map that will give max power with pump e85 using the JB4 on my 2020 2.0T Jeep Wrangler 2-Door Rubicon with Mishimoto CAI.

    I’m fine with self-modifying parameters, changing and/or re-gapping plugs, installing boost a pump, whatever is needed... just want to accomplish goal.

    Please advise and thank you!

    Sean “bmeaggie”
    2020 2-Door Rubicon 2.0T
    Spare Tire Delete
    Muffler Delete
    Trailer Hitch Delete
    Mishimoto CAI
    BMS JB4