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    Looking to fit a Jb4 to my MK7 and am looking for some advice on maps and logging? What sort of gains would I expect from Maps running 95? I would like to better understand the logging and mapping so I could at some point use map 6. Any advice would be much appreciated👍 I’m in Scotland aswell so usually nice and cool

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    I have a skoda superb 206 4x4. Its 124 kg heavier than the golf. The standard car does 0-100 in 5.5 seconds. On map 3 I did 4.75 on the dragy with 98 on very average tyres, half a tank of fuel.

    You can definitely feel the difference between a standard car and map 3.

    Autoinstruct got 234kw out of their golf
    Burger Motorsports JB4 Performance Tune VW / Audi / Skoda AutoInstruct

    I'd recommend getting the wireless dongle and phone app.

    The logging is simply pressing start and then stop using 3rd from about 2500 til it pulls 4th. I then email myself the log, open it in Excel and trim out the sections not required so I am just left with the acceleration runs. I then put that in datazap for easy viewing.

    I think there are limited gains to be made in terms of maximum horsepower when moving between map3 and map6. At 6500 the is38 is struggling to provide increased boost.You can't target from +6psi to +12psi at 6500 and get an extra 12psi. I see map6 as being able to add to low and mid range an maybe a small amount up top. It's more an iterative process. 1) are trim/pressures within range > yes > is the ecu reducing ignition advance > no > add a little more boost. And your doing this at each engine speed.

    There are quite a few videos on YouTube.