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Failed Emissions Inspection NJ* Fuel Emission (Status: Not Ready)

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  • Failed Emissions Inspection NJ* Fuel Emission (Status: Not Ready)

    Hey Guys,

    Went in today for Emissions in Lodi, NJ -- Car was failed.

    Fuel Emission reads "NOT READY" (OBII Readiness Status)

    I stupidly forgot to unhook or remove device before going; Tester had to move plug aside to get to OBDII. I thought the car was in map 0, but when I checked after failing was reading Map 2; now put car again in Map 0. The car is reading Map 0. Do we think that's what caused the fail?

    If so, will I be able to just ride around in Map 0 for awhile then go retest? Or could this be another problem unrelated to JB4 (Car related)

    Last -- Heated Catalytic Converter & A/C Refrigerant read "UNSUPPORTED."

    In speaking with a few folks could be due to not driving enough. Might have to put car through "cycles" I really don't want to have to uninstall JB4 to pass.

    Thanks in advance for all your assistance!! ‚Äč

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    Covered via email.

    Jb4 will not affect a emissions test. This seems to be a issue with the Fuel module not passing readiness. Could be a EVAP fault stored.
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